I would like to share with you some of the things I believe we need to do:

  • We need to unify the party around the core principles that define who we are as Republicans. The Number One priority is reducing the size of government.
  • We need to identify the key issues that identify Republicans and which will win at the ballot box.
  • We need to begin working with local county leaders to identify strong candidates for House and Senate who will grasp the issues and commit to supporting them.
  • We must organize our ground game to build strength in the high schools, universities, and grass roots organizations.
  • We must improve communication between state leadership, the districts, the counties and the membership.
  • The party has lacked transparency and accountability. We need to audit the books and become a lean, efficient operation. Vendors need to earn their business through a bidding process
  • It is time for the party to go on offense, to engage the voters in an issue-based campaign.
  • Click here to view a report on Jack's voting record as member of the Michigan House of Representatives. (Note: this link will open up a new window).